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Our Loan Programs

SBA 504 Loan

Are you thinking about buying real estate or long-term equipment or machinery purposes for your small business? If so, then considering a 504 loan from the SBA (Small Business Administration) will be your best bet. Read More…

SBA 7A Loan

When it comes to helping small businesses expand, the U.S. Small Business Administration backs several various loan programs. The SBA 7 (a) loan program – a general-purpose loan – is one of the most popular programs. Read More…

Express Term Loan

The Small Business Administration (SBA) has launched an express version of their popular 7 (a) loan program i.e. Express loan. This loan makes it easier for small business owners to obtain funds more swiftly. Read More…

Conventional Equipment Financing

This high investment can be difficult for many construction companies to afford on their own. If you need equipment financing to expand your business, Biz Loan Bankers will help you find the right lender with terms. Read More…

Flex Pay

Although business owners across the United States are in need of funds, many of them are sceptical about taking on a payment. If you happen to be one of them, look no further than an interest-only Flex Pay Loan.  Read More…

Payroll Funding

Payroll funding can provide you with the much-needed funds you need to offer competitive salaries. By financing payroll, your business will have access to constant cash flow around the clock for various purposes Read more…

How it Works?
No matter what it is that you are looking for – Merchant Cash Advance, Lines of Credit, Payroll Funding, Business Loans, Selling Invoices, Purchase-Inventory, Accounts Receivables, or Government Guaranteed Loans – Biz Loan Bankers have you covered every step of the way. We will help you secure a great deal on your loan and your business will save a great deal of money.


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About Biz Loan Bankers

Biz Loan Bankers, Loan Facilitating Company in California has a team of exceptional financial experts, who aim at offering extensive support to your business. The extensive experience in the financial market has thoroughly informed us about the loan trends, interest rates, and most significantly, the problems faced by small and medium businesses to avail suitable loan options Read More…

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