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At Biz Loan Bankers, we are an experienced team of small business consultants, which allows us to help you with extensive loan options. The amount for your loan can vary from $20,000 to $10,000,000.

Loans For All Business Types

 Sole Proprietor

 For a small business held by an individual or a couple, we have got some incredible options for loans. Be it am equipment financing loan or a small business term loan, you can choose from a wide variety.

Limited Liability Company

At Biz Loan Bankers, we offer extensive support to aspiring and growing businesses. For your limited liability firm we offer secured loans that are fully ensured with extensive quality and safety check done from our end.


 Partnership businesses are quite popular and are certainly trusted for investments. No matter what sort of partnership agreement your business has, we bring you extensive loan options. Our consultation services will help you understand what sort of loan option is suitable and worthy of your business and its requirements.

For your limited partnership or limited liability partnership business, you can opt from a range of loan options including a letter of credit, term loans, and more.

Corporation Business

As corporations are of two major types namely S Corp and C Corp, we offer loan options based on varying structures of your business. Our focus is to help you efficiently utilize the funds and accordingly proffer growth in your business objective.

Other than these two types, there is a non-profit corporation, which works beyond revenue earning. Our loan processing is simple and has no excessive documentation, which helps you pay adequate time on your business. So contact Biz Loan Bankers today and avail of a handsome fund.

Sole Proprietorship

Being a small business, the document requirements are also very less. Have a look at these basic documents.

  • Business License
  • Fictitious name certificate
  • Trade Name Certificate
  • other equivalent documents
  • Bank Statement
  • Tax Return
  • Application Form

Limited Liability Company

If you own a limited liability company, then here is what you need to prepare for getting an easy loan.

  • Article of organization
  • Certificate of organization
  • Certificate of Formation
  • If LLC is doing business under a different name
  • Fictitious name certificate
  • Certificate of Trade name
  • Other equivalent documents


Here comes the list of documents you need to share if you have a partnership business.

  • Statement of partnership authority
  • Statement of partnership Existence
  • Partnership Certificate
  • Partner Registration Statement Or equivalent document
  • If account name differs from partnership agreement:
  • Fictitious name certificate
  • Certificate of Trade name
  • Other equivalent documents


Corporation Business

Here comes another document requirement list for your loan, if you have a corporate business.

  • Articles of Organization
  • Articles of Association
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Formation
  • Corporate Charter
  • For Non Profit: Proof of IRS tax-exempt status or other document demonstrating nonprofit status
  • If Corporation is doing business under a different name
  • Fictitious name certificate
  • Certificate of Trade name

As we have various lending options for our customers. The term loan also varies depending on the type of loan. You can select from loans with varying repayments terms from 6 months to 25 years. It moreover depends upon the lender you select and the type of funding you borrow.

Our services do include refinancing which will have similar term requirements as that of found in any new loan.

If you are willing to get our services, then you must contact us for the first consultation. The minimum thing you need is the necessary documents.

Biz Loan bankers is a renowned small business consulting firm, and you can surely visit us at 755 Baywood Dr, Petaluma, CA-94954.

The loan types offered by Biz loan bankers are quite extensive. You can choose from a line of credit, small business term loans, letters of credit, payroll funding, and more.

Biz Loan Bankers is a trusted firm to attain business lending solutions. If you are willing to add convenience and security in your finances, then you can certainly contact us.

At Biz loan bankers, we carry out intricate research which helps us understand the financial requirements of your business and further extract apt lending options. We help you with the complete procedure starting with the selection of the lender and repayment of the loan.

Biz loans are known for extremely fast loans. You can avail of loans even within 24 hours.

The cancellation of the loan request can be done by directly contacting the selected lender. We will help you with the contact information to the lender.

The basic requirements for getting a loan with Biz Loan bankers is a minimum period of 6 months while operating the business and documents.