Accounts Receivable Financing

If you are willing to get some short term funding for your business, then make use of your A/R assets and get lucrative finances. We help you select the right factoring company and gain a consistent source of finances for your business. Accounts receivables financing is a technique that allows you to secure working capital by selling off your accounts receivables.

Accounts Receivables Financing

Accounts receivables are mostly outstanding invoices and other likely assets, which can be used for gaining finances. In simpler terms, this instrument helps you encash your outstanding income earlier.

You can use this option with us and get some extensive savings on the interest rates.Accounts receivables financing is the best option for clients who have a strong base of creditworthy customers.

Select The Right Factoring Types For Your Accounts Receivables Financing

1. Recourse Factoring: The recourse factoring type is one of the prominent ones. It helps you with funding from the portfolio of accounts receivables. This is one of the most affordable plans for your business, as this plan efficiently divides the risk between you and the factoring company.

2. Non Recourse Factoring: This one is another interesting type for your accounts receivables financing. This plan allows you to get secured with the funds. You don’t have to stay under the obligation of absorbing the unpaid invoices. This plan does not affect the business and functions and keep the losses with the factor itself.

Benefits & Features Of Accounts Receivable Financing

Rather than opting for small business loans, you should take finances from your Accounts receivables. This funding option can help you with IRS issues, startup requirements, client concentrations, and many more financial issues. The convenient processing makes accounts receivables financing much more beneficial. So let's take a look at some of its benefits.

Enhanced Flow of Cash:

Delayed payment cycles are one of the major causes of depleted cash flow. The accounts receivables help you attain earlier payments and enhance the flow of your cash.

Simplified Processing:

The accounts receivables financing is one of the best and easiest ways to gain funding. The process is quick and does not require any collateral.

Offers Flexibility:

This financing type offers great support for adding flexibility as it does not bound you. You can utilize one, two, or as many invoices as you want.

Quick Disbursement:

The A/R financing helps you with quick disbursement of cash. Once the approval is done, you can quickly gain money.

The Eligibility For Accounts Receivable Financing

The eligibility requirements for this funding instrument is quite simple and extremely minimal. You are eligible for accounts receivable financing if you are:

In the business for over 6 months.


Are having invoices worth 20k or more within a month.


Have clientele with great credit ratings.


1. What sort of businesses must go for accounts receivable financing?

The factoring and Accounts receivables financing can be really useful in textiles, manufacturing, transportation, distribution, and other types of businesses, which undergo delayed payment mechanism.

2. Should I have a nice credit score for achieving Accounts receivable financing?

More than your credit score, a factoring company usually looks at the credit score of your client. O if you have a creditworthy client, then you can easily get your funding.

3. How does it work?

Your unpaid accounts receivables and invoices are sold to factor companies. The factoring company then offers advances on the qualified invoices and later attains money on the invoice from your client.

4. What invoice types can I use for attaining finances?

The invoices that are unpaid and current from other companies can be used for attaining finances.

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